Python & Machine Learning Ignition

In the age of information and Artificial Intelligence, Python is the language that puts you at the forefront of trading.


PYTRADING: Python & ML Ignition

Would you like to go beyond what trading platforms allow you to do?
Would you like to access the power of data analysis with Python?
Would you like to learn about the main Machine Learning models?

We know that making the leap to Python is complicated, that’s why the Quantdemy team accompanies you with live sessions in which you will be able to solve all your doubts instantly.

With PYTRADING you will be able to put your own strategies in real, connecting Python to MetaTrader in four months starting from scratch.

The objectives are structured in 3 phases:


You will be able to put strategies in real by connecting Python to MetaTrader.

It starts on April 10, and will last until July.


You will learn the main Machine Learning models.

It will begin approximately in August and will last until November.

Potential users and skills acquired

With this membership you will learn Python applied to Trading starting from scratch and accompanied in live sessions by the Quantdemy team, with the objective that you will be able to program and operate your own strategies with Python.

Who is it for?

  • Traders who wish to enhance their trading with Python from scratch.
  • Traders who want to automate their strategies.
  • Traders who want to know the possibilities of Machine Learning.

What is included?

  • 3 monthly live 2-hour sessions with the Quantdemy team
  • Deliverable Python and Machine Learning codes
  • Virtual classroom to re-watch the sessions
  • Private question channels on Telegram and Discord

Skills and knowledge acquired

  • Programming with Python
  • Data analysis with Python
  • Data visualization with Python
  • Data collection and curation with Python
  • Generating technical indicators with Python
  • Backtesting with Python
  • Parameter optimization with Python
  • Python connection with MetaTrader
  • Demo/real trading
  • Application of the main Machine Learning models to Trading
  • Development of quantitative strategies

Monthly timeline

This will be the monthly process we will follow to teach the PYTRADING classes.

First days of the month

1. Live online lesson

First live lesson of the month prepared by the Quantdemy team.

By mid-month

2. Live online lesson

Second live lesson of the month prepared by the Quantdemy team.

End of the month

3. Consulting session

Session to clarify any doubts that may have arisen during the month’s lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We solve all your doubts

These are the main questions our customers ask us.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask us personally.

Do I need to have programming skills?

NO! All the training is designed and developed by the Quantdemy team to learn Python applied to Trading from scratch.

We know the difficulties of starting from 0 and therefore we provide live training so that you can resolve your doubts at the time and you can move forward as quickly as possible.

Are the codes given to the students?

Yes, of course. In each lesson there is a code that will be given to the student.

In the codes there will occasionally be some sample strategies for training purposes only.

What happens if I stop paying the subscription?

In the event that you stop paying your subscription you will temporarily lose access to your workshops until you renew your subscription. Once you renew your subscription with us, you will regain access to all the material you have purchased.

Is a license required for the training?

No, Python is free and there are no plans to use paid tools.

Python + Machine Learning Ignition Membership Plans


This training is provided in Spanish, but in the case of a minimum group of 3 English speakers, it can be provided in English with a professional translator.

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