StrategyQuant Starter

Learn how to correctly use StrategyQuant X, and thus shorten the process of developing solid trading strategies in different markets, with the help of our StrategyQuant Starter membership.


StrategyQuant Starter

StrategyQuant X  automatically generates algorithm codes based on performance criteria you specify. Technically, both builders use a technique called genetic programming, which “evolves” a population of trading strategies to maximize assumed fitness, which is based on the performance criteria you select.

In effect, the program automates the process of developing and testing trading strategies, preparing you to trade the markets sooner and with strategies created through a rigorous process designed to produce better, stronger strategies.

Access to the virtual classroom

3 monthly sessions of approximately 2 hours in length with our teachers where you will learn to build cutting-edge algorithmic strategies.

Access to the question forum

With answers from our StrategyQuant X experts through our private Telegram and Discord.

Potential users and acquired skills

With this membership you will be able to understand how StrategyQuant X works, as well as ask any questions you may have during the learning process.

Who is it for?

  • Active traders who want to automate the process of creating robust trading algorithms.
  • Active traders who, without having extensive programming knowledge, want to have a procedure to obtain robust trading algorithms.
  • Traders who want to continue learning about the construction of algorithms in different futures, stocks and Forex markets, continuously with our help.

Skills and knowledge acquired

  • Introduction to StrategyQuant
  • Builder Configuration
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Creation of templates to carry out strategies: Trend, Anti-trend, Breakout and Mean reversion
  • First Look at custom projects
  • Robustness tests: Monte Carlo and Walkforward (Simple and Matrix)
  • Time Advantage Scanner
  • Metatrader4 setup for backtest 99.99% quality with tick
  • Statistics for algorithmic traders
  • Advanced study of portfolios and correlations
  • Improvement of existing strategies
  • Algowizard Module

Monthly timeline

This is the process we follow to teach the StrategyQuant Starter workshops through our virtual classroom.

First days of the month

1. Workshop

The first workshop of the month in which we will learn how to correctly configure StrategyQuant X and generate robust strategies using these builders.

At the middle of the month

2. Workshop

The second workshop of the month in which we will continue to delve into generating robust strategies with this builder.

End of the month

3. Clarification of doubts

A session to clarify any doubts that may have arisen from the previous workshops.

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We solve your questions

These are the main questions that our clients ask us.
If you have others, do not hesitate to ask us personally.

Is programming knowledge required?

NO! This clarification is important. Anyone can build an amazing trading system using StrategyQuant X, but this requires a bit of experience.
You will need a basic understanding of your trading platform, in particular you will need to know how to export data and how to copy and paste the script generated by your back into your trading platform.

Do I need to buy StrategyQuant?

Thanks to our collaboration with StrategyQuant, we can give our users up to 3 months of trial of the platform at no cost.

What happens if I stop paying for the subscription?

If you stop paying for your subscription, you would temporarily lose access to your workshops until renewed. Once you renew your subscription with us, you will once again have access to all the material you have purchased.

Are the strategies created by StrategyQuant robust?

Yes, in fact, most of the strategies that we operate in Quantified Models are obtained through the builders.

Builders membership plan

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