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We put at your fingertips the latest in artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading

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What is algorithmic trading?


Algorithmic trading is nothing more than a series of computer codes to open and close positions based on configured parameters. When the current market conditions match the configured parameters, the trading algorithms execute a buy or sell order instantly.

Remove emotions

Trade without emotions affecting your trading, letting yourself be carried away by fear or greed.

Increased autonomy

Save time analyzing the market. Make your algorithm work 24 hours for you.

Capital management

Apply different monetary management policies according to your risk aversion.

Expert traders

Trust our professionals, with many years of trading experience and specialized in algorithmic trading.

Quantified Models | Algorithmic Trading


We put at your fingertips the latest in artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading.

Expert programmer course


Different types of trading strategies, Quantified Models own trading tools and innovative trading builders. All these products adapted to your needs as a trader.

Quantified Models - Builders Membership


Training by Quantified Models for beginners and experienced traders, support to trading tools and installation of systems, builders and custom projects.

Builders de trading - StrategyQuant X


Continuous training and help from Quantified Models to program, develop or configure our builders. Also direct support to traders, portfolios and Darwin.

Our best products, services and subscriptions

Trading Strategies

Trading strategies necessary to analyze the financial market: intraday, swing and custom. For gold, S&P500, Nasdaq, Natural Gas, DAX, Dow Jones, Cocoa, Live Cattle and Bitcoin.


Courses that we teach at Quantified Models for beginners and experienced traders, to program or develop trading strategies, and to understand StrategyQuant X.

Trading Tools

The best algorithmic tools used by professional traders for the develop and create trading systems, verify its robustness and analyze their trading portfolios.

Training Memberships

Continuous training and help from professional traders to always be up to date, and with the best available and innovative trading configuration.


Trading Builders

Trading builders to manage the financial market like Genetic builder by Quantified Models or StrategyQuant X, a powerful platform for algorithmic strategies.

Trader Support

Everything you need to carry out your operations in a professional way, with the latest technology on algorithmic trading and software used by professional traders.

Installation Support

From the installation of a system in the trading platform, to the installation of all the necessary tools to be able to carry out real operations smoothly.


DARWIN $QMR is a synthetic financial index that replicates the performance of its trader @QuantifiedModels, in real-time. Darwinex manages the risk of your investments.

We provide algorithms and quantitative investment models to both individual investors and institutions

We provide services to institutions, not just individual investors, who want to have all the services we offer.


It will be above other trading methodologies

  • Over discretionary trading 90% 90%
  • Over technical analysis 80% 80%

“The difficulty does not lie in the new ideas; but in escaping from the old ones.”

Nauzer J. Balsara


quantified models

Why should you choose us?

We are a company that provides innovative solutions for algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence, which provides its services to both individual and institutional investors. Our team is committed to quality, efficiency, innovation and results, with a high focus on maximum customer satisfaction. We have extensive experience in the programming languages of the most used trading platforms.

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Put yourself in the hands of professionals

Our team of professionals guides you through the process to offer you the plan that best suits your needs.

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Request a meeting

Meet with our professionals to make an appointment and see the best solution.

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Personalized plan

Receive a customized plan according to your demands and needs.

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Starting the system

Our team guides you through the installation process to leave the solution fully operational.

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