With the Portfolio Analyst Pro program, you can combine trading strategies from Tradestation and Multicharts, and automatically calculate the best combination of systems to maximize your net profit/drawdown.

With Portfolio Analyst Pro you can calculate the total initial capital you need to start trading your trading portfolio. This calculation can be done by downloading the trades from TradeStation or Multicharts directly with an indicator, or by saving the report. and uploading those files directly into Portfolio Analyst Pro.

Also, with Portfolio Analyst Pro you can weight each strategy within your portfolio to get the best weighting. Knowing in advance both the positive and negative correlation of the returns of your strategies, you will create a portfolio with greater diversification and decorrelation.

The reports that Portfolio Analyzer Pro generates will give you a microscopic view of your portfolio backtesting.

Portfolio Analyst Pro - Quantified Models

Trading strategies

Tradestation | Multicharts


Microscopic view of the backtest

Herramienta de Trading - Portfolio Analyst Pro


350 €

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The makers of Portfolio Maestro picked up the Gauntlet thrown down by TradeStation to develop a Portfolio Based Testing Paradigm and they did it.

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