TradeStation is really, really great at what it does.  But its algorithm development paradigm is backwards.  Instead of developing a trading system for a single market and then creating a small portfolio in a workspace to see if its viable, why not develop the portfolio first and then test your algorithm across many markets. 

Use the same EasyLanguage as TradeStation and develop portfolio quality algorithms. 

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Features of Learn Portfolio Maestro ®

The makers of Portfolio Maestro picked up the Gauntlet thrown down by TradeStation to develop a Portfolio Based Testing Paradigm and they did it.  This form of testing doesn’t necessarily fit that well with a GUI approach and this is why there are so many components and steps involved just to get a simple combined equity curve.


Once you create an algorithm that works across different markets take your testing up several notches:

  • Create one parameter set for all markets in the portfolio – use Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Algorithms to cover vast optimization search spaces.  That’s right – optimize multiple markets simultaneously.
  • Maybe you think you need to drill down to the sector level and develop parameters based on different sectors such as
    •     Grains
    •     Meats
    •     Metals
    •     Stock Indices
    •     Rates
    •     Currencies
    •     Energies
  • Or maybe you want to go one step further and develop portfolios that combine markets with different algorithms and/or parameter sets.
  • Pick and choose different markets based on their performance Correlation Coefficients
  • Did your strategy just get plain lucky.
    • Use Monte Carlo Analysis to jumble all the trades together and create alternate realities.
    • Use George’s own Excel/VBA based workbook to create the Straw Broom Charts of the all the alternate profit paths.

What includes Portfolio Maestro Kit?

So, what do I get for my $49.95?  You get the entire Portfolio Maestro Kit that includes all of the portfolios and strategy groups discussed in the 3+ hours of videos.  You get the 87 page manual in PDF that includes over 100 illustrations, all the EasyLanguage of pMaestro1Sys, pMaestro2Sys, pMaestro3Sys and pMaestroMR.  These systems are based on ideas that have been very popular in the past.

  • pMaestro1Sys – a dual approach to trading trending and non-trending markets.  Optimized on a market by market basis.  Includes the GetSys1Params and ParseString functions.  This system garners the lion’s share of discussion throughout the manual and videos.
  • pMaestro2Sys – can a trend following system use one simple indicator and be successful?
  • pMaestro3Sys – Bollinger Band based trading system that skips risky trades.  You determine what is considered risky
  • pMaestroMR – a Mean Reversion approach to trading the stock indices.  Pair it with one of the other trend following approaches and see if you found a happy “marriage.”
Quantified Models - Learn Portfolio Maestro
Quantified Models - Learn Portfolio Maestro
Quantified Models - Learn Portfolio Maestro
Quantified Models - Learn Portfolio Maestro

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