QM Robustness Test

Quantified Models puts at your disposal the best trading tools to test the robustness of your algorithms.


Robustness tests for trading strategies

Quantified Models puts at your disposal the best software for verifying the robustness of trading systems. Through the following trading tools, any trader is able to test the robustness of their algorithms before passing them on to real operations. This is undoubtedly an advantage, since we will know how robust our algorithm is, and if we have made the correct choice of parameters.

Herramienta de Trading - Enhanced Walkforward Optimizer

Enhanced WalkForward Optimizer

Tradestation WFO has been a great tool, but it hasn’t been updated for years, and it needs a lot of improvements. Multicharts WFO is extremely basic and not very useful. Enhanced WalkForward Optimizer is designed to meet these needs.

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