Genetic Builder

Possibly one of the best builder for building algorithms and financial models on the market. Find out how it works, and why professional traders use it. Genetic Builder builds trading strategies for the platforms: NinjaTrader, TradeStation and Multicharts.


NinjaTrader is supported so you can automatically create trading systems on stocks, futures, and forex markets.


QM Builder automatically creates trading systems on the stock, currency and futures markets with ease.


Quickly create trading systems for Multicharts on Forex, Stocks, CFDs and Futures for the US and International markets.



Builder of Genetic Systems

Many people we talk to want to create trading systems, but their concepts fail. They struggle to find ideas on how to gain technical advantage. After more than 10 years of searching, we were able to find technical advantages for trading. Few people can afford to spend so much time trading, but the search of more than 10 years was very lucrative for us. A possible solution to the problem was the QM Genetic Builder, to build genetic systems. These have been around for a long time, but most people find that genetic systems usually fail out of sample. So traders want a solution to the problem of taking too long to build the trading system, and to the second problem of constantly failing genetic systems. We have used most of the trading system builders on the market and after 10+ years of experience we felt we could do better. Something that takes less human time and better out-of-sample results. Genetic Builder is not just software either, but a very clear methodology. Software trading without a good methodology is like life without purpose. It doesn’t work that well.

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More and better systems

Genetic Builder produces more and better systems than competitive products with better out-of-sample results.

The speed is about 10 times higher than other comparable builders. Some systems now have 3 years of out-of-sample results. Genetic Builder clients get an excellent day trading system for the S&P500. Also a system on gold with excellent 19 months of sample results. These systems are traded live by us. Too busy to build systems?


Architectural design

The architecture and design of the systems is unique.

The systems are produced by people who are primarily traders, not software developers. Why is this good to know? Traders often have a better idea of what works than software developers don’t. Genetic Builder was not created to make money selling software, but to be the tool that will help us build trading systems. Genetic Builder was designed from the ground up to not make a redundant or faulty architecture.



Unlimited multiple data streams

Unlimited multiple data streams can be used for indicators.

For example, you can use indices for price data to trade futures. You can use custom or locked Tradestation / MultiCharts code in Genetic Builder. No need to import indicator data from other data streams via csv etc.


Cloud support

Genetic Builder can distribute system build and walk-forwards to remote and local machines.

Systems can be tested and the system build can be sent to the free Genetic Builder cloud or to your own computer(s).



Unique out-of-sample validation techniques

Genetic Builder can build tens of thousands of unique trading systems. (Let’s say 50,000). You can then benchmark out-of-sample results across the entire pool of 50,000 trading systems. From there, you can modify any setting or parameter, and test the effect on 50,000 systems. This gives you a strong conclusion, so you know it’s just not a lucky curve fit. You can try, for example, trading 30 minute bars, compared to 15 minutes. Try trading 30 minute bars, versus a system that relies on 29, 30, 31 or 25, 30, 35, or all 1 minute intervals of 25 to 35 minute bars.


Genetic Builder Automation and Macro Support

Genetic Automation can complete almost the entire task of building the system.

Many tasks can also be completed with macros.



Unbeatable power and features

Walk forwards can be sent to the Genetic Builder cloud, for much faster processing.

You can walkforward on multiple time frames and/or markets. Then look at the average results for all markets/time periods and individual markets. Forward steps can be sent to the Genetic Builder cloud for much faster processing. You can say 1000 steps forward and see the out-of-sample average results across all 1000 systems. This will prove or disprove whether walking forward works without a sample. Forward walks from Genetic Builder can be exported to Enhanced Walk Forward Optimizer (EWFO) and/or Tradestation’s forward walk optimizer. EWFO has a lot of unique tools to get you going. Walk forwards can automatically use a % variance from the original parameters, or the full range of parameters that an indicator is programmed to use. You can then loop through the top 1000 systems and see what the out-of-sample results are for the systems using the step parameter.


Systems verification

Systems verification on multiple time frames and symbols. Shown here is a system of silver futures on 12 other markets and 2 other time frames. The parameters are not modified.


Genetic Builder of algorithmic systems

Try our genetic algorithmic system builder Genetic Builder for 14 days without any commitment.

“Our goal is that you can build your own trading strategies.”

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We solve your questions

Below are some frequently asked questions from our users.

Do I need to be an expert to use Genetic Builder?

No, that’s the point. Anyone can build an amazing trading system using Genetic Builder with little to no experience. You will need a basic understanding of your trading platform, in particular you will need to know how to export data and how to copy and paste the Genetic Builder computer generated script back into your trading platform. You will learn additional features the more you use your trading platform and Genetic Builder.

Is the price of Genetic Builder fair?

Absolutely, €1,500 is incredibly good value. Considering that you can spend €3,000 or more on a single trading system, Genetic Builder represents excellent value for money. Build as many systems as you want for less than half the price of a single system. Not only that, the systems generated by Genetic Builder are better than almost all systems created by experts. The computer is much more powerful when processing large data sets.

A competitor charges $20,000 a year for a system building product and Genetic Builder is an equally powerful system builder, if not more powerful. We believe Genetic Builder is the best system builder on the market today with advancements when it comes to system validation that can lead to potentially more robust systems resulting in better performance in real trading!

What platforms does Genetic Builder use?

With Genetic Builder you can build trading systems for TradeStation, Multicharts and Ninjatrader trading platforms.

Why Genetic Builder has an advantage?

Genetic Builder is designed by the best professionals in the trading industry, being able to produce robust strategies over time.

Can I create systems for any market?

Yes, you can use the trading tools to create trading systems to trade any market. Just add data and imagination.

Are the updates available free of charge?

Only for the first 12 months after purchase. Once that threshold is exceeded, each annual update will cost less.

Do I need intraday data?

No, but you can use it on intraday data if you want.

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