TradersStudio is a complete backtesting and system development platform that facilitates the design of trading strategies in the futures, equities, ETFs, commodities and currency markets.

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You can use TradersStudio to design your own trading strategies, create strategy portfolios, as well as position sizing based on available capital and market volatility.

You can use TradersStudio to create a portfolio of strategies and apply money management techniques on them. In this way you will be able to reach your objectives more quickly.

Data processing is very important. TradersStudio is very rigorous both in backtesting calculations and in loading the data needed to make the calculations. In the case of stocks, it takes into account splits, counter-splits and dividends and uses the data provider CSI Data for this purpose. You can also use unadjusted data.

Your capital is too valuable to risk trading without testing the strategies you are going to trade in the real market, without having evaluated it objectively and rigorously. If a strategy did not work in the past, you cannot expect it to be profitable in the future. In fact, trading an untested strategy is like playing Russian roulette with your financial future.

Learn more about TradersStudio:

Full platform

TradersStudio is a complete platform for backtesting and strategy development, as well as capital management.

Code translator

You will be able to translate your TradeStation strategies to TradersStudio through its code migrator.

Custom design

Strategies developed directly on the platform, or developed according to your preferences by Quantified Models.

From traders to traders

It includes everything that large and small investors need to carry out their operations.

TradersStudio is an accurate backtesting platform. It performs a very rigorous data processing, which gives a high reliability to backtesting. It is also more reliable in terms of the signals that are highlighted in the history, in other words, a trade that is executed in a TradersStudio backtest, is very likely to be executed in real. If you have some experience in trading, you will know how important this is, and if not, believe it, it is very important.

You will also be able to combine various systems in TradersStudio and implement complex financial concepts, such as dynamic margin calculations, sophisticated trading and capital management algorithms, and so on. TradersStudio provides all this and some additional features, such as Walk Forward (very useful for testing the robustness of strategies), correlation analysis of losing streaks or Monte Carlo analysis.

Although institutional investors have enough capital to invest in designing a trading platform from scratch, many of them choose to use TradersStudio.

The latest version of TradersStudio Multicore 64-bit costs $990. This may seem inexpensive given that it is the same tool used by institutional investors. The reason it is relatively inexpensive is that it was originally designed to meet the needs of Murray Ruggiero, chief systems designer for Tuttle Tactical Management, which has about $200 million of capital under management.

If you are a professional trader, TradersStudio can help you take your management to the next level.

If you want to be responsible for your own investments and make smart decisions, TradersStudio will help you do just that. You will be able to test your own futures, stock and FOREX trading strategies so you can make informed investment decisions.

If you wish, you can purchase professionally designed strategies personally designed by Quantified Models team. TradersStudio is also the best tool for anyone who wants to get started in the world of algorithmic trading. It is very intuitive and you can extend the programming language using C++ or .NET, if needed.

You will be able to transfer any development idea you need such as systems, trading plans, portfolio creation, etc…

«Our objective is to enable you to trade correctly with the best trading platforms in the market.»

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