Company: Quantified Models

About us: Meet our management team and our collaborators.

Years of experience


Provider of innovative solutions for algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence.

We provide all our experience in the design, development and implementation of algorithmic and artificial intelligence solutions for both individual investors and institutional investors.

Vision and mission

We want our end user to be able to tackle the financial markets effortlessly and without complications, by providing them with innovative and competitive solutions.

Our values

Guarantee our clients an attentive, efficient and proactive service. Being able to continuously develop our skills and knowledge to meet the needs of our customers.

Expert Team

Our team of experts is committed to the quality, efficiency, innovation and punctuality of our deliverables, with a high focus on maximum customer satisfaction.


Innovation in the creation and delivery of new value to the customer.


We carry out the optimal research in the domain to start the project.


Agile in responding to changing market needs.


We identify the needs to deliver the best solutions.

Our founders

Put yourself in the hands of experts

Meet the Quantified Models management team.

Quantified Models - Nosotros - Roberto Rankin

Roberto V. Rankin Velasco

Founder and Financial Advisor

Quantified Models - Nosotros - Amador Caminero

Amador Caminero

Founder and Financial Advisor

Our partners

We’re a team

We introduce to you the Quantified Models team of collaborators.

Quantified Models Team - Raúl Duarte Maza

Peter Zwag

Professional Intraday Trader

Quantified Models - Equipo - Ángel Talavera

Ángel Talavera

Trainer at StrategyQuant X

Quantified Models - Equipo - George Pruitt

George Pruitt

Professional Trader and Author

Quantified Models - Equipo - Fernando Bodí

Fernando Bodí

Trader and trainer at EasyLanguage

QM Equipo Joel Garcia

Joel García González

Futures and CFDs Professional Trader

Quantified Models - Daniel Plaza Delgado

Daniel Plaza Delgado

Account Executive

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