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Sistema intradía para operar los futuros del oro, que opera en barras de 30 minutos de 3:30 a. m. a 13:30 p. m., hora central de EE. UU., con un período fuera de muestra a partir de 2020.

Intraday system to trade gold futures, which trades in 30-minute bars from 330 AM to 1330 PM, US Central Time, with an out-of-sample period from 2020. It is a system built by our Genetic Builder, through a robust methodology, based on different phases of development in order to be able to choose the most robust systems in non-sample periods (for more information you can contact us through the email address of our website). In this system, the parameters were also optimized individually in TradeStation and also all at the same time, subsequently performing the Walk Forward with our Enhanced Walk Forward tool. To get the system, you have to fill out an NDA and submit it via email. Not required if this NDA has been completed before. A maximum of 4 contracts can be negotiated with this system, whether large or micro.

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