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Swing system in 30-minute bars to trade Bitcoin with an ETF. The system trades long and short. They are two systems that are sold together, and they need an initial capital of 25,000 to be operated. To trade it at the broker, you need a stock account.

With current TS automation, you can't trade > 1 system where they could go long and short at the same time, unless you have two stock accounts. This can be done with our Automation tool that we have exclusively in the Live Trading Support area, on a TS account, but a little modification will be needed as TS cannot place market orders on GBTC.

If you trade on Interactive Brokers, these issues may not apply. On February 10, 2022 there is an update of the GBTC systems to solve the problem that there are no market orders in the TS account, and the profit target was increased.

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