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The QMZonesNQ algorithm merges breakout and countertrend strategies into a comprehensive and integrated framework. QMZonesNQ can trade intraday on the E-mini Nasdaq or the e-micro Nasdaq. It has a trend entry and a countertrend entry.


At its core, the methodology leverages the SUPPORT and RESISTANCE levels derived from the well-established PIVOT POINTS preferred by experienced day traders. However, QMZonesNQ introduces a novel dimension to this traditional approach by seamlessly incorporating the current day's initial trading range.


  • Updated May 30, 2023 | Version 2.04
  • Added a daily trend filter
  • Version 2.00 out-of-sample October 2020
  • QMZonesNQ 2.04 has a tracking and countertrend module
  • This is a major update to QMZONESNQV1 2018

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