Trading specialization program

(using TradeStation and Python programming language)


Try the unique program that combines all the knowledge of programming, mathematics, trading with the most advanced tool in the trading world: TradeStation. It includes algorithms ready to trade from the first minute.


Who is it for?


To all those beginners who wish to enter correctly and successfully into the fascinating world of algorithmic trading.


To all algorithmic traders interested in the optimal application of the scientific method in financial markets for their own benefit.


Traders who wish to successfully take advantage of the benefits of automated trading in their daily operations.


To those who are not yet earning money trading in the financial markets


To traders who are not yet trading live


To anyone frustrated with their trading strategy development process for not consistently generating profits.


For those who really want to accelerate the entire algorithm development process

Program summary

Did you know that most non-professional trading system developers make the same damaging mistakes over and over again, which lead to continued failure? Most of them also lack a rigorous roadmap based on a clear set of steps on how to create, improve, evaluate and optimize their own trading algorithms from start to finish.

They don’t even understand why they win when they win and lose when they lose. And they misapply the simple scientific methodology whose limitations they also ignore and overlook. The result: they indefinitely create trading strategies that incomprehensibly for them do not work as expected when they put their money to work.

Developing a trading system can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why most people don’t succeed. They never get off the ground and never make any real money trading. Discover the process an algorithmic trading professional follows and use it to be like him!

Take it seriously now and follow the process we will teach you step by step, starting from scratch. Doing so will help you solve the dreaded problem of overfitting trading systems to past data. This way, your algorithms will be more likely to work in the live market.

Let us show you the way of a trading professional – see you in class!

Unlimited access to all courses

And with lifetime updates.

Trading tools

To operate from the beginning

Certificate of completion per course

By Blockchain to display on Linkedin

Downloadable materials

To save hours of coding

Planning your own way

Study with 24/7 full access

Online exercises and tasks

With solutions to measure your progress

Reviewing any lesson

Come back as often as you want

Access from anywhere

Through multiple devices

What you will learn

Exploit the full potential of this incredible form of algorithmic trading with TradeStation and Python.

At the end of the course you will have learned:

We will learn about a rigorous working methodology to correctly and successfully create, evaluate and optimize your own trading systems:

  • The reality of trading (both algorithmic and discretionary)
  • Learn how different trading techniques work
  • Tips on how to create trading strategies and how to improve them once you have created them
  • Learn different ways to exit a position
  • Correct a shortcoming of the trading platforms when optimizing
  • Significantly reduce or even avoid the risk of over-optimization
  • Evaluate the goodness of a faster and more efficient trading algorithm
  • Understand the operation and apply the Monte Carlo Method
  • Manage the different risks to which you will be exposed when investing
  • Learn 2 ways to build an optimal portfolio of trading systems
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Content of the TradeStation trading specialization program

The program is divided into courses to make it easier to carry out.

TradeStation Expert Programmer

Learn how to program your trading strategies using the TradeStation tool today!

Expert Systems Developer with TradeStation

Become an expert trading strategy developer with the TradeStation tool and make the most of your investments in the world of finance and algorithms.

TradeStation Real Trading Management Master Class

Real Trading Management Master Class that accompanies our TradeStation pack as an additional bonus.

Three Trading Tools

Extras and trading tools complementary to the TradeStation for Trading path of Frogames Training.

Deep Learning applied to Algorithmic Trading with Python

Use artificial intelligence and backtesting techniques to optimize your algorithmic trading strategies through MetaTrader 5 and its Python API. Algorithmic trading bots included in the course!

Algorithmic Trading using Machine Learning Strategies

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for algorithmic trading, including MetaTrader 5 bots!

Algorithmic Trading using price action strategies

Learn about figure detection, pattern detection and backtesting using MetaTrader 5 and its Python API. Algorithmic trading bots included in the course!

Algorithmic Trading with Python: Technical Analysis Strategies

Learn how to import data, modeling, algorithmic trading, portfolio management, live algorithmic trading with Python, we will even create a Bot!

Statistics and Probability for Quantitative Finance

Learn by doing! Apply knowledge of probability and statistics to the world of algorithmic trading, stock market and quantitative finance (Forex, crypto, stocks).

Algorithmic Trading A to Z with Python

Technical analysis, Machine Learning, Price Action, Backtesting and live trading with MetaTrader.

Machine Learning from A to Z

Learn to program over 40 Machine Learning algorithms in both Python and R with the experts at Data Science – with all the source code and a bonus book included! Over 50 hours of video tutorials to help you master ML!

Modern Artificial Intelligence with Zero Code

Create 5 hands-on projects and unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence to solve real business problems without programming a single line of code.

Complete course on Descriptive Statistics - RStudio and Python

It starts in the basics of programming with R and Python, from scratch and without previous experience, applying them to the world of data analysis and descriptive statistics.

Complete Python Course from A to Z

Our Python programming course is a unique opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to become a competent professional. You will learn to program, understand the programming language and improve your professional portfolio!

Official badges at the end of each course

Blockchain badges are verifiable digital credentials that are awarded upon successful completion of an online or in-person course or training program. These badges use blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and validity of an individual’s academic or professional achievements.

Blockchain badges are an effective way to demonstrate your specific skills and knowledge, as they provide verifiable proof of your achievement. Furthermore, by adding these badges to your LinkedIn profile, you can highlight your skills and increase your professional credibility in the relevant field. Blockchain badges are also a way to boost your online presence and make your profile more attractive for job opportunities and professional collaborations.

Who is teaching this course?

The main professors of the program will be Juan Gabriel Gomila and Fernando Bodí.

Quantified Models - Team - Fernando Bodí


He has a degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in education. Juan Gabriel dedicated his first years of work to learn about the world of work in a video game company.

After three years, he began to record online courses at home to fulfill a mission: to teach the rest of the world what he had been able to learn and give options to everyone who wanted to take his courses.

Years later and with everything he had learned on various platforms such as Udemy or Platzi, he founded Frogames with Maria Santos, where the teaching team of more than 20 online instructors has taught more than half a million students around the world in Spanish.


Degree in Physics, D.E.A. in Physics (postgraduate doctorate in Physics) and Algorithmic or Quantitative Trader. Since 2004 he has been working in the Research and Development of mathematical trading algorithms, having made several external collaborations with Interdin S.B.V. and Renta 4 Gestora. After these collaborations, he ended up working as an alternative management fund manager at Renta 4 Gestora, focusing most of his time on quantitative issues. Later he started a new purely quantitative stage in Quark Technologies S.L., company of which he was vice-president, co-founder and main technical responsible, continuing this quantitative work some time later as Quant Developer in the English Prop Trading company Saxon Financials Ltd, a company he co-founded in Miami (Florida – USA), having also worked for the R&D and rental of automated trading systems GesTrading Strategies. He is currently focused on his doctoral thesis while collaborating in the GesTrading spin-off project founded by his partner Enrique Valdenebro: PattInversor.

Modelos cuantificados - Team - Fernando Bodí

Frequently asked questions about this program (FAQs)

We solve all your doubts

These are the main questions our clients ask us about the trading specialization program using TradeStation and the Python programming language. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us personally.

Why is the purchase not on the Frogames website?

This is a program offered in collaboration with the Quantified Models team. Although the content, videos and materials will be accessed with your Frogames account, payment is managed by the Quantified Models team from their website.

Can I purchase TradeStation courses individually?

No, the trading path is embodied in MetaTrader 5 and has its own path within Frogames. This is an advanced specialization program, which requires a lot of technical knowledge, tools at your disposal, knowledge of the software, programming and tools that you will use. As there would be no point in a TradeStation course without the tools and code necessary for you to trade sensibly, this is exceptionally a one-time purchase package, and therefore Quantified Models courses cannot be purchased independently on the web.

Course payment plan

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