Installation Support

Installation support is comprehensive, from the installation of a system in the trading platform, to the installation of all the necessary tools to be able to carry out real operations smoothly.


Installation support for traders

Installation support is necessary to implement the turnkey solution for our traders.

From installation support, we offer help in the installation of data from an external data provider and its synchronization with the most appropriate backtest platform. So that the trader has everything ready on his computer, and can dedicate himself to managing his operations without having to deal with technical problems.

Multiple platforms and applications

TradeStation, TradersStudio, Amibroker, Multicharts and more…

Different types of installation

  • Basic: The basic installation includes the necessary work to connect the broker with the trading strategies chosen by the trader.
  • Advanced: The advanced installation includes the necessary work to leave the broker connected with the trading strategies chosen by the trader, in addition to the connection with the external data service provider.
  • Custom: If you need a custom installation, you can contact us and we will assess your installation to give you a solution.

Choose your Installation Plan

Our team will be able to help you both in the installation of a single strategy, as well as in the installation of a complete investment portfolio. Just choose your type of installation, and our team of expert technicians will contact you to install the trading platform, as well as the chosen strategies.

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