Innovative subscriptions for traders

We put at your fingertips the latest in artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading.


Continuous training and help from professional traders to program, develop or configure our builders, to always be up to date and with the best available trading configuration.

Expert programmer course

Expert programmer membership

Programming membership for traders, oriented to ex-students of our expert programmer course, with the aim of continuing their learning and improvement.

Quantified Models - Builders Membership

Expert developer membership

Development membership for traders, oriented to ex-students of the development course, with the aim of continuing their learning and improvement.

Builders de trading - StrategyQuant X

Builders membership for traders

Learn how to correctly use the StrategyQuant X and Genetic Builder builders, and thus shorten the process of developing robust trading strategies in different markets, with the help of our membership.


Trust our expert team of traders, who offer you the best trading subscriptions.

Expert programmer course

Trader Support

With our trader support plans you will have everything you need to carry out your operations in a professional way. We put at your disposal the latest technology on algorithmic trading. Proven software used by professional traders.

Quantified Models - Builders Membership

Trading portfolios

Quantified Models puts a trading portfolio rental service at your fingertips. Through this service you can rent our best trading portfolios, always based on diversification and decorrelation.

Quantified Models - Development support


DARWIN $QMR is a synthetic financial index that replicates the performance of its trader @QuantifiedModels, in real-time.



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