Take your research to a whole new level with this powerful fully-revealed tool. In a perfectly random or efficient market, each pattern has an equal chance of occurring. Theoretically, there are patterns that should not occur due to the underlying deterministic structure. Yet they do, and this provides insight into the chaotic or non-random nature of the market. This tool allows you to define a pattern and then analyze all of its possible permutations.

  • Is there an 8 bar pattern that reveals some market behavior?
  • Have you ever wondered what the market does after three consecutive closes?
  • What happens after a low pivot forms and the RSI is below 30?
  • What happens after two inside bars and a break down?

All of these ideas can be easily tested with this new tool.

Can you discover a technical advantage and then put it to work for you?

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Herramienta de Trading - Quantitative Seasonality Tool

Quantitative Seasonality Tool

The key to universal seasonality was that it was a seasonal advance. You cannot use the results in a backtest of the period in which you are trying to discover seasonality. The correct way to study seasonality is with a pure seasonal dynamic of advance.

Herramienta de Trading - Data Magician Tool

Data Magician

This utility is designed to export your TradeStation data to CSV files. This powerful utility not only exports the data, but also all the information needed to complete the attributes.ini file. This file is what TradeStation uses to configure settings when data is imported as third-party data.

Herramienta de Trading - Intermarket Edge Tool

Intermarket Edge Tool

Intermarket system creation toolkit. Standard cross-market correlations are not useful if our goal is to predict future prices or generate profitable signals because the current correlation tells us nothing about future prices.

Herramienta de Trading - Zone Trading Analysis - DayTrading

Day Trading: Zone Trading Analysis

This package contains multiple types of seasonal calculations from the simplest average return over the next N bars to my Ruggiero/Barna Seasonal that I developed in 1996. This amazing indicator still works well today.

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