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For a limited time only, unlock the potential of financial success with our WINNING and AUDITED trading portfolio!

QM Christmas Trading Portfolio

This exclusive portfolio operates in the futures markets of SP500, Nasdaq, Gold, Natural Gas, and Oil. With 4 intraday systems and 1 swing system, each strategy is meticulously designed and backed by a team of EXPERTS.

Our portfolio offers a unique approach, featuring genetically built systems and seasonality-backed strategies with years of experience. We operate with mini/micro futures, providing FLEXIBILITY and ACCESSIBILITY for all investors.

With an initial account size of $156,000 for minis and $15,600 for micros, our portfolio has demonstrated its ROBUSTNESS over time. With a proven TRACK RECORD on TradeStation and standing out on Striker, we are the reliable choice for your financial SUCCESS.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the TOP PERFORMERS in the trading world!

Optimize your INVESTMENT now and experience the DIFFERENCE with QM Christmas portfolio!

If you have a live trading account at one of the many supported brokers, it’s easy to set the portfolios to be autotraded in your account. Just email info@quantifiedmodels.com with your questions, and we’ll let you know how to trade the portfolio.

QM product trading portfolio QMBlackFriday mini

Suggested account size

$156,000 for Mini
$15,600 for Micro


3.495 €

Special Sale!

2.595 €


Welcome to a world of smarter investing. Experience the rewards of diversified and uncorrelated investing. By spreading your investments across different assets and sectors, you can minimize risk and increase potential returns. Discover the power of a well-balanced portfolio that is not dependent on a single market factor. Invest smartly for a brighter financial future.
Intraday trading strategy - SP500 - QMSysES_v2.10


S&P 500 Index (@ES)

Intradía - NASDAQ - QMSys_NQ1



Intraday trading strategy - SP500 - QMSysES_v2.10


Gold (@GC)

Intradía - NATURAL GAS - QMSys5NG


Natural Gas (@NG)

Intraday trading strategy - SP500 - QMSysES_v2.10


Crude Oil (@CL)


Discover the impressive results of our diversified and uncorrelated trading portfolio in the following backtest report. See how our strategic approach to diversification has optimized returns and minimized risk. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the power of a well-balanced investment strategy.

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