Expert Developer Course + Trading Tools

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If you are an algorithmic trader and want to hone your skills in developing trading algorithms, this is your course.

In addition, you receive all the trading tools we work with during the Quantified Models course, at a very special price for our course students.

This course includes:

  • 2-month course with monthly support
  • 3 modules and 8 lessons with detailed programming videos
  • 2 months of support via forum
  • 1 monthly meeting in the support room

Quantified Models trading tools includes are:

  • QM Strategy Development (Forbidden Patterns, Quantitative Seasonality, Intermarket Edge, Opening Range Break Out, Data Magician, Zone Trader Analysis).
  • QM Robutness Test (Enhanced WalkForward Optimizer).
  • QM Portfolio Analyzer (Portfolio Analyst Pro, Portfolio Maestro).

Also, we include 14 hours of tools management (hour and a half tutoring per tool).

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