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Whether you are a discretionary or algorithmic trader, finally get to program what you need in possibly the easiest programming language for trading in the world: EasyLanguage. Create your own strategies, indicators and other tools in TradeStation and MultiCharts.

Why this course?

When it comes to finding out what we can expect from our way of trading (whether discretionary or automatic) there are 2 ways:

  1. Eye test our trading methodology with past data.
  2. Let a computer do it for us automatically.

Since the first of both paths is much more tedious and is not exempt from errors (because the human eye can deceive us into seeing what we want), the second one is much more convenient due to its much greater speed and efficiency. And for this, it is a necessary condition to program our trading strategy or algorithm. Hence the need for this course.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to program, because this course is mainly focused on those who know little or nothing about programming, and it is also useful for those who already know how to program but want to go further. What’s more, if you follow the course seriously (for which you will also have the monthly support of a teacher), you will be surprised how easy it can be to program an infinite number of things in TradeStation and MultiCharts, both with the help of certain “cheats” of the course like without them. Of course, just like when you learned to drive, as a beginner it will be continuous practice that makes you an expert, depending on the time you acquire an increasing level.

If you are a discretionary trader, you will have noticed that there is a part of your trading based on mechanical rules, such as when you use a moving average crossover to decide totally or partially whether to enter or exit the market. Such mechanical rules of any kind are programmable, so this allows us to find out what we can expect from them and in which stock market scenarios it works worst and best. And rest assured that if in doing so we discover results that leave a lot to be desired, you will be basing your discretionary trading on something that is not sound. And being so, sooner or later your account will end up taking it to zero, thus losing all your money invested.

It is up to you to base your discretionary trading on something solid with the possibility of working, and nothing better for this than to help us with programming and part of the systematic trading methodology. And when you do, you’ll be surprised to find that even strategies from numerous so-called gurus, websites, books, and discretionary trading courses don’t work or aren’t defined precisely enough to test their foundations, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you later you lose money with them. However, now you have the opportunity to channel all your energy and money in the right direction by letting it lose with what they sell you as if it worked when in many cases it only worked in the past (if it did).

If you are or want to be an algorithmic trader, you will benefit even more from our programming course, since you will be able to take your trading to the next level thanks to the scientific methodology applied to the world of financial markets, which requires prior learning of a programming language such as the one we teach you in this your course.

So, whether you are a discretionary or systematic trader and you are new to this exciting world of financial markets or not, now you have the opportunity to make programming one of your greatest allies in trading.

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