Trader Support

With our trader support plans you will carry out your operations in a professional way.


less slippages (Automation)


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Trader Support

With our trader support plans you will have everything you need to carry out your operations in a professional way. We put at your disposal the latest technology on algorithmic trading. Proven software used by professional traders.

Virtual Private Server

Use a private virtual server to follow intraday trading. In this way, you will have a computer on 24 hours a day, with an availability of 99.99%, avoiding expenses associated with electricity consumption on your electricity bill.

Alertmonitor Professional

Alertmonitor is an application for the review of contingencies related to real operations. Alertmonitor is in charge of notifying us via SMS and via email of the failure to execute orders, forgetting to connect systems, platform crashes or disconnection of broker data.

TradeStation Strategy Automation

Automation is an application to improve the execution of the orders that we launch to the broker. Thanks to Automation we will be able to avoid the painful slippages that so much affect the operations of an intraday trader. In addition, with Automation you will be able to replicate the orders of large contracts, in E-Mini contracts or in micro contracts.

Volatility Positioning

The proprietary volatility positioning algorithm calculates a trader’s market exposure daily. The more volatility the position will reduce, the less volatility the position will increase, in such a way that the trader can respect his portfolio volatility limits.

Futures Rolling Schedule

For every futures trader, knowing the expiration date of their positions is key if they don’t want to commit themselves to being locked into the contract. Thanks to the futures roll calendar, this will not be a problem. Weekly you will be notified of pending rolls.

“Our goal is for you to become a professional trader”

Quantified Models offers Alertmonitor Professional

Alertmonitor Professional will greatly reduce execution errors that occur when trading and give you greater peace of mind that your trading strategy is working correctly. It greatly reduces your need to manually verify your trading strategy.

We have used Alertmonitor Professional for 10 years with a high volume of contracts traded. It has saved us a fortune in execution errors. It is something we cannot live without to avoid continually looking at the computer screen.

Alertmonitor Professional constantly monitors the TradeStation environment. In case it detects an error situation, alarms can be activated and sent by email or SMS. To monitor Tradestation, Alertmonitor Professional uses the following monitoring techniques:

  • Detection of wrong matches between your TradeStation chart and your live account status at the TradeStation broker.
  • Heartbeats: Failure of any chart that uses a trading strategy.
  • Trigger: Specific alarm condition. IE Tradestation automation is disabled or futures contract rolling is occurring.
  • Whistles: Monitor Internet Connectivity.
Soporte a Trader - Alertmonitor Professional

Quantified Models offers Tradestation Strategy Automation

You will be able to obtain better execution prices for your intraday orders, thus avoiding -as far as possible- slippage. Tradestation Strategy Automation allows you to track target execution and actual execution in TradeStation.

Tradestation Strategy Automation takes into account both systems that go long and systems that go short on the same symbol,

Another advantage of Tradestation Strategy Automation is that it will allow you to trade on a micro futures contract, performing the strategy analysis on an E-Mini contract or higher. This is very useful, since many times the design of futures strategies is carried out on an E-Mini contract, although later the trader is forced to operate it in the micro contract due to account margin problems, slightly changing his profit curve in this change. With Tradestation Strategy Automation your strategy can analyze the E-Mini @ES future, but be automatically traded on the micro @MES future.

Soporte a Trader - TradeStation Strategy Automation

Quantified Models offers Volatility Positioning

Quantified Models, through the Professional Support subscription, offers you the sizing of the portfolio according to the volatility of the market and the initial capital.

This means, that taking into account your initial capital and current market volatility, our positioning algorithm will increase or decrease your positions taking into account changing market conditions. This will allow you not to exceed certain volatility and drawdown thresholds in your trading portfolio, as well as maximize your net profit.

Money management is something that many traders overlook, being for us the same amount or more than the choice of a good trading strategy.

Soporte a Trader - Posicionamiento por volatilidad

Choose your plan on Trader Support

With our trader support plans you will have everything you need to carry out your operations in a professional way. We put at your disposal the latest technology in terms of algorithmic trading.

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