StrategyQuant LAB

The second phase of the StrategyQuant training program aimed at the development of real-time trading systems.


StrategyQuant LAB

Have you finished the theoretical part of Strategy Quant and would you like to move on to a practical phase building real-time trading systems with a live teacher? Would you like to participate in an algorithmic trading laboratory in order to manage your own Darwinex Zero or surpass funding accounts? This will interest you.

The second phase of the StrategyQuant training program aimed at the development of real-time trading systems.

Access to the laboratory

Access to the laboratory 3 days each month 3 monthly sessions lasting approximately 2 hours with our teachers where you will learn cutting-edge algorithmic strategies.

What includes?

3 monthly live sessions of 2 hours duration with an expert teacher
Deliverable trading systems
Virtual classroom to watch the sessions again
Private doubt channels on Telegram and Discord

Who is it for?

For ex-students of the Quantified Models programming course and development course.

Potential users and acquired skills

With this membership you will be able to participate in a trading system development laboratory, with a live expert teacher, with the aim of building trading systems for Darwinex Zero and funded accounts

Who is it addressed to?

  • Active traders who want to automate the process of creating solid trading algorithms.
  • Active traders who, without having extensive programming knowledge, want to have a procedure to obtain robust trading algorithms.
  • Traders who want to continue learning about building algorithms in different futures, stock and Forex markets, continuously with our help.

Skills and knowledge acquired

  • Strategy for Darwinex Zero
  • Strategies to pass the challenger
  • Strategies for the funded account
  • Search for advantages
  • Creation of strategies by families: trend, mean reversal, seasonal and breakout
  • Advanced data import to mt4
  • Concepts of precision and spread when working with mt4
  • Replicate sqx strategy on mt4 with >95% accuracy
  • Backtest with 99.9% quality on mt4 without additional software
  • Analysis in Quant Analyzer
  • Hourly, daily, monthly filters
  • Custom project adjusted to the instrument
  • Separation is and oss
  • Optimal spread study
  • Sequential optimization vs hill climbing
  • Advanced Monte Carlo
  • Advanced Walkforward Matrix
  • Creation of systems incubator for Darwinex Zero and funded accounts

Monthly timeline

This will be the monthly process that we will follow to teach the Quantified Models StrategyQuant LAB classes

First days of the month

1. Development workshop

First development workshop of the month in which we will work on the system that we are going to develop in StrategyQuant X.

At the middle of the month

2. Development workshop

Second workshop of the month in which we will continue to deepen and evolve our trading system with robustness tests.

End of the month

3. Clarification of doubts

Session to clarify all doubts that may have arisen from previous workshops.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We solve all your doubts

These are the main questions our clients ask us.
If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask us personally.

Do I have to have programming knowledge?

NO! This clarification is important. Anyone can build a system using builders like StrategyQuant X, but this requires a bit of experience.

You will need a basic understanding of your trading platform, in particular you will need to know how to export data and how to copy and paste the script generated by your back into your trading platform.

Are the finished robots delivered to the students?

Yes of course. The idea is that during the life of this laboratory, the student will acquire more knowledge each month in the development of trading systems, as well as trading systems of various methodologies, with the idea of ​​having a robust, diversified and uncorrelated portfolio.


This material will be delivered only at a training level, and it will be the student’s sole decision if they wish to connect it to a real account.

What happens if I stop paying for the subscription?

If you stop paying for your subscription, you would temporarily lose access to your workshops until renewed. Once you renew your subscription with us, you will once again have access to all the material you have purchased.

Do I need a StrategyQuant license to enter the lab?

No. It is not necessary, since the development will be done from the teacher’s shared screen, and every student will be able to see the process, although it is recommended for students who want to delve deeper into the process of building trading systems.

Developers membership plan

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