StrategyQuant X Course

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The objective of this course, for algorithmic traders and discretionary investors, is that you end up creating your own investment systems and that they become your map to navigate between financial markets. Learn how to create your own trading systems with the StrategyQuant X platform.

This course includes:

  • Online training
  • 11 Modules and +50 Videos
  • Access to Strategy Quant X PRIVATE forum
  • Access to Telegram chat

Who is it for?

  • To traders in general who are operating in the markets with systems and automatics and want to know how it behaved in the past, as well as perform robustness tests and optimizations to find the most robust systems.
  • For investors or discretionary traders who want to start learning about automated trading and have no programming knowledge.
  • To anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of StrategyQuant X.

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